Business Benefits

  • Cloud Apps for Small Labs: Cloud Apps can be used for small labs where full fledge OCM implementation is not done or not required. Bit Wave has an option for Analyst to upload test result and Analyze & Report the result.
  • Cloud Apps as Sales Tools: Cloud Apps can be used by sales team to win new business. Customers of the organization and other new labs can start utilizing the power of IT almost in real time.
  • Cloud Apps as Intermediate Solution: Cloud Apps can be used as intermediate solution for even big laboratories. This applies to big, complicated and highly customized implementation.
  • Cloud Apps as Add-On: Cloud Apps can be used by any laboratory as an added feature.
  • Cloud Apps as Scalable Solutions: Cloud Apps is latest and secure solution

Other Benefits

  • High Agility, respond to business needs within seconds.
  • Cost, pay as you go for only the resources you need.
  • Enable your customers to access your application and their data from anywhere using any device! The cloud is all over the globe serving you.
  • Stop buying servers and gear that is 15% utilized! Cloud multi-tenancy ensures cost of keeping "lights-on" is shared across many users. Spend your money only where it makes a business benefit.
  • Elastic cloud designs enable you to handle your customer needs. Never show "server too busy" again, never have a slow website.
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